Barbara Christian in Marlon Riggs’ 1986 release Ethnic Notions, a documentary detailing the images and caricatures of blacks in American culture.

i can’t find this documentary online anymore.



I went to the beach with kerrygethere today and we had a fun cosplay shoot!! I finally have beach photos as Kairi thanks to her! I had a Fantastic time!

Also! The Paopu fruit was givin to me by a Sora cosplayer a long time ago while I was kairi..I never saw them again..I found it, so I HAD to use it! 

Character: Kairi

Series: Kingdom Hearts 




im going to be honest guys. the cosplayingwhileblack tumblr is stupid. it’s perfectly okay what your race, height, size, shape, etc is. but come on. making a tumblr cosplay blog only to showcase cosplayers of a single race? why not just have a cosplaying blog that can…

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